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I'm sorry, I find this case perverse:
A lass responsible for killing her sister in an accident dragged before the courts to face 'justice'..... this is the same system that let a hit and run Driver who left me for dead walk away without so much as a caution........ Seriously, this country needs to wake up, I can imagine ow the poor lass feels, killing her sister in what is essentialy an accident, utterly perverse system, vile nasty corrupt!.... It's no suprise, they tried to ruin a mans life for lighting a bonfire....  look away now if you like, but one day you may find yourself infront of these idiots for something oh so innocent!

PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE, I can be contacted via I will update this site VERY SOON, make it easier to understand and navigate!

I made a complaint to Humberside Police about the fact the cop and the force were trying to intimidate me into removing this site, already the cop charged with dealing with that complaint has twisted the truth, even choosing 'local resolution' (I didn't) for the fact the cop and force are intimidating me, this cover up will continue until all avenues of compalint have been exhausted, then the IPCC will cover for the police, still supporting the cops and their lies?

Notice how the cop refers to the courts and the magistrates... he knows they will convict on his lies! they are as corrupt as the cops, one big pot of corrupt rot! I have just been summoned to court by a Crown Court judge for 'directions' (had to have a day off work (without pay) and travel a 100 mile round trip) for the judge to basically tell me that if I continue with my appeal it will cost me ANOTHER £600 on top of the £985 fine they have already given me, he talks of proceedure but apparently none of this 'proceedure' applies to the legal (or is it illegal?) system, I contacted the high court to check a point of law, they replied to a bloke on the other side of the country (The guy was kind enough to phone me and tell me!), there is no justice, it's a we win regardless of the outcome, even if my appeal is upheld, I suffered sleepless nights and been out of pocket, they think it's one massive joke to f%$£ peoples lives up , but let the dreggs of society walk away with community orders for theft and burglary.... wake up Britain, 2013, men still wearing wigs? please!.... they have forgot the golden rule that everyone of my age was brought up with, YOU EARN RESPECT, no respect for corrupt cops and crooked courts and a Crown Prosecution Service that let a man drive off from a hit and run that left me for dead because 'it wasn't in the public interest'.... WELL IT IS NOW!

Disclaimer, this is a personal website, it's intention is to inform the public of what has happened to me, it is not intended to offend, however, if anyone feels offended could they contact me personally and point out the cause and I will deem to ammend it, not try and continue to abuse the law and threaten me to remove it through the threats of intimidation and arrest, if anyone is the victim of harrassment it's me and my family! I am going to create a massive site combining all these incidents, police, Housing, Council, then you will be able to look at whats happened to us over the last 6/7 years, we're att he point we we fear to ring the police if we are the victims of crime, because all the police do is turn it around on you, it's much easier to rub the victim up then actually deal with the people who caused it. Please bookmark all sites including this one, as I get time from dealing with crap like this from the PSB I'll get documents and audio up to let people decide who's lying! 4yrs of nuisance, 2 assaulted outside my own home, twice arrested by the police, twice the perps damaged our property.... TWICE THE POLICE DIDN'T COME!

again for the last 5 months we've been victims of the same, climaxing with my property getting damaged this weekend (dec 2013), no one! And I really do mean no one has done anything to help us, infact I'm going to bold and say that the whole public sector is protecting this nuisance, because despite the damage we''re talking drugs use, potential benefit fraud (they have a male lodger!) intimidation and even the arsehole telling us after 2 weeks them moving in THAT WE SHOULD MOVE... We oewn our home and have lived here 25yrs, these are the kind of people todays police protect, yet have no remorse about ruining the lives of people because one of them didn't like the way he was spoken to.... Toilet country! This site, is 100% or is it 110% accurate?????? to my knowlwege, unless someone has evidence to prove otherwise! This is going to be my newest and biggest site, all incident and issues combined in one place

Check out my other site too, four years of nuisance and ASB, Labours Yvette Cooper positively encouraged the police to do nothing, thousands of pound of property damage, assaulted, not one person even arrested, let alone charge.... I'm promoting this again as the housing company we bought our house off WDH has let a new benefits family start this all over again and once more they are doing nothing about it, the whole public sector is corrupt, I'd be so bold to say that they even put them here simply to annoy us, my whole family and I work and pay tax, pay to let nuisance idle drug users ruin our lives and a corrupt 'legal' sytem collude to try and destroy our lifes, WAKE UP BRITAIN!

Latest, I've wrote to the high court to clarify a point of law, the law states that in a trial the magistrates must not leave the proceedings, as most people who've had the misfortune of being dragged before the court will tell you, just before the impose the guilty verdict (no other verdict available in the most corrupt courts in this land!) the swan off to the back room for a fag and a brew, no adjurnment, just up and leave, the law states that ton doing so they have no legal right to return to the proceedings, the high court has not replied, however Hull Crown Court judge Robinson has, he has forced me to attend court under an appeal I made (didn't relise I had to apply to the high court as it was a point of law) and from his initial correspondance he has made it quite clear of his intentions, he has 'ordered' me to furnish the CPS with my evidence, no problem, they never asked for it before! however I have asked the CPS for some documentaion on several occasions, they have failed to supply it, the judge has also ordered me to pay the CPS £150?? ... not quite sure what that is for but it doesn't come across as a fair and impartial court, in all honesty I don't even think this appeal is lawful, as the issue here (despite the cops not following proceedure, (nor the CPS) and using a notoriously corrupt 'speed' device (which doesn't actually measure speed, it measures distance, it's not really designed to measure moving targets! and if 'waved' about in the case here, produces false readings), is the magistrates court passing sentence when they had NO LEGAL RIGHT TO, but no one ever follows proceedure, no one in the public sector can ever say STOP! hold on, this is wrong, nooooo, they continue with the corruption, the lies, the malice, until someones life is ruined, DAVID CAMERON is well aware of this situation, he's tried to pass some of it over to the equally corrupt IPCC, he's the one supposedly (SUPPOSEDLY!!!!) cutting police funding but allowing them to waste public money on luxury motorhomes, I've also made a complaint against the cheif of humberside, the system is protecting her too..... it's a bit like the Baby P case, the buck has to stop somewhere...... I'll keep you informed as I've wrote to the High court again, but if they and anything like the lesser courts, we know what the response will be, read today a burglar caught FOUR TIMES recieved a caution police caution for each offence..... still going to vote liblabcon at the next election, don't wait to be the victim, all I could offer you was 'I told you so'!

Update, I've recieved an anonymous letter from Humberside Lagal Department telling me that by owning, maintaining and updating this website along with continually handing out cards with the site address on that 'I' am harrassing PC VINCENT WORRALL and if this continues I will be arrested.... still think this is a fair free and democratic country????

WARNING, ever heard of PEPIPOO ?? they claim to help the motorist fight for justice, well it's a website full of cops and no doubt crooked intent,
TWICE I've registered there and TWICE I've been kicked off for telling the truth and exposing corrupt cop's and courts, DO NOT REGISTER with
them, I'm not sure what the game is but it's not to help the likes of me or you, this is their registered address;
40 Oxford Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1UT
Do a search on the internet to see how many 'companies' come up with the same address!!!!! They operate as a business, but what is their business???
It's not informing the public of the rot of the system (Hows about this for a rant eh?????)
There is something Very odd about PEPIPOO! I'll give you some real practical advice about motoring issues, just email me! I won't sugar coat the bullshit!

UPDATE, keep watching, Humberside police are hiring £700 p/w Motorhomes the trap bikers (not the marked campervans they already have LUXURY MOTORHOMES!), this may seem like and odd choice of vehicle, but what If I told you I know for a fact that the cop below who framed me and his wife had a holiday in such a vehicle in 2012!!!!... Go figure that one out when the police are supposed to be saving money with 20% cuts, keep tuned, I'm asking the chief of Humberside and the Humberside commisionar AND several members of the cabinet how the police can afford such luxuries, but more importantly, what are they used for... pics to follow! However, don't hold you breath, the liblabcon government has no control over the police, hence why a senior cabinet member was allowed to be framed by them, these crooked cops still have their jobs..... We need a change in the system, liblabcon out (I've been a victim of the cops under both Labour and the condems, neither helped me, we are the plebs!).

POLICE COMMISIONAR MATTHEW GROVE Has been informed of what happened to me, and the fact
the police are using money on such items, he hasn't even bothered to reply, why would he, he wouldn't want to uspet the cart and loose his £60k
a year job for doing nothing, Humberside council also informed, no reply, these people take you council tax and give it to the police... you'll find
no one will respond apart from the police who prevent the Chief actually knowing what his force are upto by intercepting letters and replying with bullshit!

31/5/13, Another miscarriage of justice... Been to court today to deal with the matter above, four cops in court (wonder where the
money goes?, 3 gave their statements, asked one cop about slip, saying he'd never 'experienced it'... Right, anyhow, before
it was 'MY' turn I decided to wait in the gallery of the court (not outside), so I could watch the sentencing that these corrupt courts
hand out, one bloke driving a stolen Transit, no licence, no insurance... 7 points and a fine (wasn't that much as it didn't say WOW
JUSTICE!), not once did the magistrates question any of the cops statements, now! come to my turn...

I produce stills from the video (the video they wouldn't send me, 3 letters on, it came a week before trial) It all happens so quick you
barely even see a speed reading, however when I slowed it down it clearly shows I have been the victim of slip error (where the
cop pans across a vehicle and an error, then erroness speed is created, in my case 89mph... the cop formed the opinion that I was
speeding because I had took over some slower moving vehicles, he said these were travelling about 30mph!... so by simply over
taking traffic driving at 30mph I am automatically speeding! WRONG... no prior opinion!.... the prosecution was grabbing at straws
now, saying I hadn't shown them the evidence (they didn't ask to see it!), no, they would no try and turn the tables on me, questioning
absoultely every bit of evidence I had, were I got it, is it upto date, are you an expert witness?... no, I'm a bloke who's downloaded the
operating manual off the importers website and copied the ACPO guidelins on hand held radar use! At this point I had shafted them,
they knew it, but as with all these cases the bust a gut to come up with an excuse of guilt, I was also there for 'having no licence'
(the story of the DVLA who were supposed to return my licence after 1 week of disq', actually took 8 weeks!!) I did after 10 weeks
not knowing I could've driven in that time, they barely offered an a sorry....)Again I produced evidence that they were wrong!....
again clutching at straws asking why I didn't have a rep from the DVLA to be my witness?, in the end the corrupt magitrates ruled
against me (even on the bloody licence!), and I left court with 6 points and a few quid short of a THOUSAND pound fine!, that's right,
7 points for no insurance or license (Guilty on licence!!!, but no seperate charge!) driving stolen transit van and a few bob fine,
yet 'speeding', 6 points and a thousand quid fine! Roll on the FUCKING REVOLUTION! (download the still, see what YOU think!

I was found guilty because I was already in court, the prosecution said that in a round about way, if they had seen the 'evidence' prior to court
they would have not continued and rather than drop the case I was convicted in nothing more than a kangaroo court, where EVERYONE is guilty
There's many video's/report of the fault with these guns, but want they cannot let happen ( as in my case) is people found not guilty because of
device error, otherwise millions of speeding convictions would have to be over turned, thus continuing the 'legal' system and the courts to continue
to ruin peoples lives:

I saw a clip whilst in court of another biker overtaking at the same point, he was overtaking mulitiple cars when his speed was 'clocked'
at 90mph.... however within a split second he was able to slow down so quick as a car approach and slot himself into the flowing traffic
with little more than a car length of gap, 90mph to 40mph in the blink of an eye??? IEver heard cops ask you what the braking distance
at say 50mph?... These divices are corrupt, with the guts speed in this video roughly the same as mine 89/90mph it makes you wonder
if these errors are not the produce of slip, has an added speed been factored into the device????? I know I wasn't speeding......

Now, this is the original story as to why the website was put up:
I cannot offer an evidence because no one had any, not even the police, I was the victim of the great 'speed awareness scam'

Bike: Unfaired bandit, not even a fly screen, bolt upright, partner of 30 yrs on the back as pillion. April 2011

Area: A166, Near fridaythorpe village (seaways cafe). situation: One police officer on a marked bike.

Circumstances: Pulled over by said cop (PC Vincent Worral), immediately proclaims ''You've
been riding over 100mph and you are going to get banned!''... I wasn't so had the sense to record
what the officer was saying (he was now aware I was recording him), he goes on to say that he
has been 'RIGHT' behind me since Garroby Hill (almost 6 miles back!) I question him about this
stating that at no point was he even behind me!... he then spouts ''I've only just managed to catch
you up''!.... that's not what he said at 1st! he knows what he's saying does not make sense, followed
me for 6 miles right behind me? Err, NO.... but now he's having to adjust his story, because he does
not have the luxury to make up a statement of what was actually said (learnt this from old), despite
being given a caution as to what you say may be used in evidence against you, it very rarely states
what was actually said!

See Vincent Worrall here: notice how they have
video on the bike, yet apperantly the police don't need any!!!!

See this too: it's a sad state of affairs when
motorists have their lives ruined, yet terrorists live in the lap of luxury in the UK! again, the need
for video evidence!

Now, I ask the cop what evidence he has, as I know for a fact he will not be able to produce any!
''My Speedo'' he say's, ''that's all I need''.... have you ever seen those cop programs were they catch
scroats with stolen goods in their houses, more often than not robbed from someone the night
before?? more often than not the case (if any) brought against them dropped, because there was
no evedence to prove they stole it!.... get the idea!

Actually PC vincent Worral was quite right, I did get banned, 14 weeks and a total fine of £850!!!
Gasp you may say, surely I had no insurance or licence... well actually yes I did, and the bike was
mine!, all this based on the following 'evidence'...
The cops statement, this was expertly written, no where near as descriptive as what was said at the
roadside (I had asked the officer some basic questions, what was the speed ... he kept saying 'over
100'!) could not give me a straight answer (because he was lying! FACT unless anyone can prove
otherwise! Tony Blair sent this country to war on one of the biggest lies of the 20th century 'WMDs'
A LIE!), several pages of statement infact almost trying a little too hard!

Then there was the 27 pictures PC Worral took of the road between Garroby Hill and Fridaythorpe,
Yes, that's right 27 pictures he claims he took several days after him stopping us, 27 picture of a
road, 27 pictures that we are not in!!!!!
And of coarse his pocket book.... now prior to attending court I ask the court/CPS for a copy of his
pocket book, I wanted to see what he had wrote as he did not fill in anything at the roadside, he left
us 1st, but not without calling me a 'knobhead' Also a fact, however the police use their favorite get
out here, 'WORD ON WORD', actually it wasn't word on word, my partner heard him say it, so Vincent
Worrall I suggest that instead of trying to make yourself out as the victim and if you had told the truth
we wouldn't need websites like this would we, we'll let the people decide who's telling the truth, 
otherwise it's 'word on word' (something he has gone on to lie about see prior), the court/
CPS did not heed my request (I did ask in writing!), they simply went ahead with the case on the
evidence (or is it lack of evidence?) they had!
Now I had dealings with the police before, you can read about most of it here on my other site: briefly we had been the victim of nuisance/ferel youths etc the police were rang
on many occasions, sometimes they came (and did nothing!) but mostly they did not come, one
incident still makes me laugh, gang of youths outside our home, shouting threats to kill, rings
police.... they tell me to ring back if it gets worse?... what, like if I'm actually killed!
Because of this I have had to make legitimate complaints against the police, attitude, uninterested
but mainly malice against me, remember I wasn't the crook here!
No because of this I have a massive distrust in the police, especially arrogant lying ones! It appears
to the HUMBERSIDE PSB that this doesn't happen.........................................................This refers
to several complaints against west yorkshire police, once again throughout the investigation of
the copmplaint the police continue to use the term 'word on word' again my partner was present
when the police made the comments, one refered to the damage to our vehicles by ferel youths
the police refused to deal with, when our vehicle was damaged, the constable said, well you've
got insurance haven't you.... word on word or fact, the public will decide!

Here, once again I have been the victim of the police, PC Worrall didn't like me questioning him,
The magistrates taking a dim view that I spoke to him how I did, I didn't swear, I didn't threaten him
I simply asked him questions that he could not answer because he was lying!.... See how this is
going to pan out now, although it is a FACT! you can decide if it is 'word on word' In all honesty I thought
that when he left, i would not hear anything from him, sadly that wasn't the case.

No if anyone thinks the courts are impartial, think again, you may as well be some piece of dogshit
scroat who just battered some old lady to death, everything the cops says is gospel, everything you
say is an obvious lie! even when the evidence shows the cop is lying, it is you that will be threatened
with contempt of court for daring to bring it up!

Basically you are guilty and you have to prove your innocence! this is despite both me and my partner
stating the obvious, even 2 civilans statements won't route out one cops lies!

However!..... Back to the pocket book, I recieved this malicious sentence from the magistrates court
(I walked out before being dismissed, that how sickened I was!), I immediatly appealed against
conviction and sentence, which would have to be heard in crown court, suprisingly the appeal date
was moved on a couple of times, leading me to attend court after 13 weeks of disqualification, I
even asked the judge prior to appeal to suspend the ban pending that appeal, he said no! (no reason

Again at Crown I asked for the cops pocket book, the prosecutor said she'd try and get me a copy!
Prior to the appeal starting the crown court judge told the prosceutor to take me to a side room and
try and come to some arragement that was mutual to you both, what the judge was suggesting is how
this scam works, he wanted me to admit guilt of speeding, claim I was riding at a lesser speed and
get a less severe sentence.... Mmmmmm, couple of things, I WASN'T SPEEDING and I'd just done
13 weeks of a disqualification due to their malice!!

So into court we go, no how do you think this is going to turn out if the judge wanted me to accept
a lesser charge and speed..... that's right, the judge although not as vindictive at the magistrates but he
couldn't wait for the case to end, blah blah blah, yes yes yes, again the cop told his story of what had
happened that day, again it was nothing like at the roadside! What the judge was saying was that you are
going to found guilty regardless, it's upto you if you're willing to take something less....

To much time spent on this already said the judge, still guilty (couldn't do anything else, just gone
13 weeks without a licence, some one would be in trouble if he overturned that!)

OH, the pocket book!!! This was handed to me midway through the appeal, there was no way I could
read it or refer to it,  shoved it in with my other docs.......

Now on return I made a complaint about the officer, the complaint was basically that he had fabricated his
pocket book to create a story based on the pictures he took to effectively frame me in court, the fact he
threatened me with arrest because I didn't have any I.D (he hadn't even asked me my name!), the fact that
he proclaimed that ''HE WAS THE LAW'' despite me pointing out that his is not, he is there to uphold
the law! (not dish out his idea of it!) and that on the day of the magistrates hearing, he parked his police
motorcycle on double yellow lines in the courtyard (I took a picture ;) otherwise it would've been another
straight lie!), these were sent to the PSB (Professional Standards Branch) Hull, these are the cops that
investigate cops, or as I'd can positively state as a fact, the police that cover up crooked police...

They tried to get in touch with me about the complaint, I wasn't prepared to speak to them as A, they are
as bent as the police and B, I didn't want to play my hand, I knew PC Vincent Worrall would continue with
his lies RIGHT, in another complaint were I have audio and written evidence that Vincent Worrall is LYING!
however the Humberside PSB dismissed the allegation of perjury that vincent Worral commited in court,
in the audio recorded at the roadside PC VINCENT WORRALL when asked how fast I was travelling HE
SAYS 100 (presume this is MPH) HOWEVER in his statement to the court he states 110mph, I'm no judge or
WITH THIS COMPLAINT AND IT WAS NEVER INVESTIGATED! I'll get this up on here!....and as predicted, he did, stating
(probably under some oath!) that what he say's is the truth, but he didn't do that.....

He did falsify his pocket book! YES HE DID!, because he claims he filled it in on the day in question back
at the police station 3rd April 2011, infact the were FIVE pages of 'the circumstances' for me, yet in his
pocket book he had stopped other people for speeding, wrote no statement, took no pictures etc etc, just me!
However in this pocket book entry, HE MAKES A REFERENCE TO A DOCUMENT THAT DOES NOT
TO SEE!...... So, How can this police officer make a reference in his pocket book to a document that does
not get created for another 3 months?????????? BECAUSE HE'S A LIAR! FACT or is it 'word on word'???
Should I make all those previous 'word on word' documents available online???

Basically, he lied at the roadside, not sure what his intentions were, but unfortunately I wasn't prepared to
put up with his lies and bullshit AND HE DIDN'T LIKE THAT! so what he did was create a story to fit
the incident! (when he was leaving he said to me 'I was only going to....'What? what was he only going to
do???? whatever it was it moved on to framing someone for speeding over 100mph (in court he actually
said that he told me 110mph and that even I said 110pmh.... we clearly didn't! No matter though, the crown
court was quick to point out that over 100mph an 110mph were infact the same thing!). He also told me that
my recording it at the roadside had gone against me!!! Gone against me for trying to gather the truth, you
can't make it up!

Outcome so far, as I said the cop has continued to lie, I'd be a fool to thing that all of a sudden he was going
to start telling the truth! D'oh!... no, now the PSB and the IPCC have been handed the evidence to prove
PC Worrall is a liar!.... so, being a british citizen, living in a democracatic and fair society, you'd thing that
police officers that maliciously prosecute people, falisify their document and lie in court as well as lying
to the PSB would be brought to justice??? wouldn't you..... you would, but sadly that's not how this country
works I can almost predict what the outcome will be, because I've heard it so many times....

Point in case being that in 2007 I was knocked off my motorcycle and left for dead at the roadside, the guy
who caused the accident drove off, infact he went to the pub..... muliple fractures, bike smashed to bits, off
work for 7 months, lost 10k+ in earnings blah blah blah, what happened to the bloke that drove off???????
NOTHING, cop didn't tell the CPS he drove off, I told the CPS he had, they were shocked, however because
I'd made a complaint about the way the cop handled it (mainly not reporting the bloke who drove off) the
CPS covered it up, telling me, that it was not in the public interest to prosecute the bloke who drove off...
Yet they think that prosecuting someone with no evedence and lies is????? still think we live in a fair and
democratic society?

So far I have wrote to the top MP's in the counrty, the head of the CPS and various other organizations...
I have had a reply from the court, saying that acted professionally (regardless of wether they did or not,
I've now presented them with the evidence of the cops lies!) and a reply from the police, basically saying I
was convicted in court (twice) therefor I must be quilty! Hahahahaha, I bet that's what the kept telling the
Guilford 4! They are failing to realise that the evidence I now has was not available at trial....

I've also had one reply from my local MP Ms Yvette Cooper and true to form she has maintained her
chocolate fireguard reputation by doing NOTHING! I am to understand that when constituants have been
involved in miscarriages of justice it is their duty to be involved...... or is it just me??? most probably, it
was labour that were in power when it all started to go wrong for me, I've had more malice and bullshit
off the police to last a lifetime, I'm not a crook or a thief, I've used a complaints system that is nothing more
than a massive cover up, from the plod on the street right up to the PM!.... they all know it happens, but do
nothing to stop it, in the meantime our government is more concerned with over throwing other countries
leaders to the tune of 5 million + quid (Syria), what about my democracy????? What about my rights?????

You were probably brought here with one of the 1000's of cards I've had printed AND THERE'LL BE ANOTHER
QUARMS ABOUT APPEARING ON A TV PROGRAM HAS HE>>> sounds like a bit more hypocrisy to me! This is
appearing to be causing the police some concern, in this latest complaint, they say that by distributing these cards
informing people of the miscarriage of justice that has happened to us and the fact below that I am asking for any
'stories' involving Vincent Worrall that this is an 'harrassment' I cannot see it mysel, I'm merely telling follow
motorcyclists about something that has happened to me, I believe the term the police need to look at is freedom
of speach!................... instead of continuing to cover for PC Vincent Worral and further trying to intimidate me, This
Sunday, 1st December, my neighbour (who we have had 5 months of nuisance and noise from, threats, intimidation
etc etc, all recorded to the housing association (WDH CASTLEFORD) decided to smash my fencing through....
this is because I was banging on the wall to get them to stop the noise, Ironically despite him smashing my fence,
it was him who rang the police and said I kicked his door!! AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT, THE POLICE BELIEVED HIM!
the fact that my fenching was scattered all over my garden apparently made no difference to them, If I get time
I'll insert what happened in here! then maybe some more constables will feel that they are being harrassed, they
YET THEY BELIEVED I'D KICKED HIS DOOR WHEN I HADN'T (NO DAMAGE!)... still think I need to make things up?
don't worry about the cost of cards, websites, even my liberty! I'm sure you'd rather know what's really
happening in this country, I must be the unluckiest non criminal in the land or the police appear to be
persicuting me for telling the truth....
can't put a price on justice! please contact me if you can offer any advice, legal help, stories of the said cop
PC VINCENT WORRALL or even just support :) on email 
I'm not asking for any lies!... just any interaction with PC Worrall and if he was honest and polite!

I've already start to hear stories, this is part of one email I recieved about Vincent Worrall.....

'This Officer has vowed to get me, crush my bike and tried entering my home at 3am in the morning. He has
openly admitted he has a 'zero tollerance'.  I bet he sleeps at night.  He will treat you as a dangerous member
of society and haunt, follow you in basic terms til he catches you doing something wrong, then pounce.
Or if he can't catch you, make it up.  He will not even be 'told off' by his supervisors, so don't even bother making
a complaint.  He has no morals and is not a nice person.'

This was an email recieved from someone I do not wish to name, however, I can tell you the email is kept
and that the person who sent it was an ex traffic officer.... no suprise really as PC Vincent Worrall likes
to prosecute serving cops, let alone ex ones, a little hypocritical really as he's crying to the police that me
telling this truth about him is causing him harrassment?... I'd like to ask him how it compares with having
your licence taken from you on 'word on word' evidence (though again my partner was witness to it and she
gave evidence againt Worrall), the PSB have the impression that because I was convicted, then Vincent Worrall
must be telling the truth..... errr... Like those constables that tried to frame Andrew Mitchell? or like the cops
that Lied and falsified pocket books at Hillsborough?? Like these, the police use but more often abuse the law
to intimidate and convict people, it's not getting more and more it's the fact that their lies are being exposed..
Again Humberside PSB seem to be focussing on this, I can only presume it is true as I didn't write it, I am
merely posting up the contents of an email I recieved!

But if we don't complain we will go thurther into a Tolertarian Dictatorship, I thought the tories would help
me, turns out they are no different to labour (lib dems informed too....), they are all part of the system that
has been created to rob and steal from the ordinary working man and a way of punishing people who dare
to speak out, all the time real criminal walk free from court using a legal system we pay for, but we can't use!

Jan 2012, after another appeal to the IPCC, one which the corrupt cops simply covered up (with the aid of the IPCC)
I finally had some evidence the cop was lying, he'd made a reference to a document in the pocket book he'd
supposed to have filled in that day, the document in question was created by another cop several months after the
stop, finally the evidence to root (IN MY OPINION) the bent b'stard out, NO! again the police have come out with their
the reference is to 'another' document the cops say, NO IT IS NOT, one last time to the IPCC for an appeal LAST TIME!
If as the cops say there are 2 different documents labelled the same then there must be some irragularity in the
evidence, would there not?.... But no evidence was needed remember!

Everytime you have contact with the police, you need 'EVIDENCE', no matter what it is for, I know..... yet you can be
prosecuted without it?.... this is a dangerous situation as 'now' any cop can simply say I was speeding and the police
and the CPS (the ones who failed to prosecute the bloke who knocked me off in a hit and run!) to drag me or you!
through the highest corrupt courts in the land.

Time for the country to wake up, this is what the police do, this is what the system does, sit there and hope it doesn't
happen to you.....

And for all the idiots that say, well you shouldn't be speeding... I didn't make him fraudualntly fill in his pocket book..

AND that is what he did, took 27 pictures and created a story to fit those pictures....

Listen, stopped by the cops record everything they say, protect yourself, though the crown court corrupt judge seems
to think that me recording it went against me, though this is a serving judge that said 110mph is the same as  over 100,

The difference being that riding at 100mph leads to a ban of 56 days, PC VINCENT WORRALL up the speed to 110 in his
statement (110 was NEVER mentioned by either of us despite his statement saying it was!) @ 110mph the corrupt court
passed a ban of 98 days, if anyone thing the system is fair, think again, do not waste you money on solicitors, they are
part of the system, their 'job' is to either rob you themselves of get you to pay the court, or BOTH! WAKE UP!

HUMBERSIDE POLICE HAVE A £100 Million shortfall in funds (unsustainable pensions and hire luxury motorhomes no doubt!
The SCAM appears to be hand out as many SPEED AWARENESS courses they can, these £90 courses are offered to you
instead of the 3 points and £60 fixed penalty (which goes to the gov') the £90 goes to the police!.... think about it, YOU'VE
IMAGINE THERE IS SOME INCENTIVE, If you ride around the fridaythorpe area like we do, you'll see these cops (operating
in 3's and 4's umarked bike, unmarked car, marked bike , marked car, LUXURY MOTORHOMES (again 2 cops inside, another
2 stopping people up the road!), FOUR Cops to stop ONE motorcyclist!!!! Yet you ring this weekend after your garage has
been broke into and see how many come... if at all!.... Wake UP! PEOPLE! The purpose of the police and the system is to
make money, that's why no effort is focused on crime (most commiting crime because the have nothing) this may sound
a little political, it is.... I was like most people, work, play, normal stuff, but once you are a victim of a system that is supposed
to help you you attitude changes, I have had every situation with the police, victim of hit and run, assaulted, property damaged
nuisance and ASB, not one person has ever had their collar felt, yet the corrupt illegal system is willing to ruin a mans life
over a cops lies...... Don't fear the police, they are nothing but hypocrits, liars and scum, these are the same cops that
encourage young white
lasses to withdraw their complaints against muslim rapists, the very same police that will treat you as the enemy is you
speak out about the destruction of our country, the police as the worst of the worst in this corrupt dump!

Tell people how it is and you'll have your life destroyed, my missus was still middle of the road about the cops even after all the nuisance and ASB
but after attending court and seeing how corrupt the police and the courts are, she has finally realised what is happening...